October 01, 2014


My home and interior is always changing. It depends on my mood, my energy, inspiration and new finds. Some time ago I wanted to something cool with this little table. Nothing wrong with it, it was quite ordinary and after a couple of weeks, somewhat dull.

Then when a good neighbor of me gave me this old beautiful brass trey and instantly i knew what to do with it. Fix it up with some good ol` polish, and use that as a top on my little trey-table instead of the old one. With some fresh cool spraypaint ( 5 min of paint work (!) ) it turned into a whole new table!

Photos: Ann Sandy 

On top of it, some of my little collection of glass candle-holders. Picked up for free at my many visits to the recycling-center.

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  1. Anonymous10/14/2014

    Kjempefint, AnnBeate ! Skulle hatt deg til en inspirasjonsrunde på Røvær ! ( Sjekk litt på Ig ) Ingrid


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