August 04, 2014


Much have happened in the apartment the last couple of months. For example I `ve painted the windowsills white. White!
I am over the moon about this. The wonderful light that fills my home is truly amazing.

I took some photos the other day of my little work space in the corner of my living-room, and with them I am joining this months NIB-challenge "Work Space". Because my living room is small, my loving vintage teak - desk won the battle over my tv, that now has to live under my bed. Haven`t regretted that decision since!

In front of the desk is the &Traditions "In between chair" proudly in its place. On top is a thrifted plantpot and a curio shelf I remade with some cobber and black spray paint. Same with the Ikea frame on the wall, originally silver. In it the beautiful poster Birds, made by illustrator Jonna Frannson. The black lamp is a Flowerpot designed by Verner Panton. In the left corner 3 pieces of the Fiducia - vases.  The white rug is too long for the space so for now its blandly rolled up in the corner. 

To the right of the desk a new carped found its way home. Its called Riverstone from Bohus. In the window a little thrifted gem, an old brass bowl with suspension. Perfect for a little plant. The teak tables are also thrifted. On the windowsill Milk lamp from &Tradition. 

Foto: Ann Sandy

To the right of my desk I've tried to cover all the internet cables etc with old interior magazines, my sub woofer and green plants. The candle holder on top is Kubus designed by danish By Lassen. My pink, grey and yellow painting also got a makeover where i saved some and repainted the rest with the lovely color Jade by Jotun. In love with that color! 

I am so happy to be back in the blog sphere and exited about this months NIB challenge. For more workspace inspiration check out the rest of the partisipents in the competition. 


  1. Så fint kontor, elsk!! Glad du er tilbake! :-D

  2. Så herlig det er hos deg!

  3. Det ble utrolig flott med hvite vinduskarmer - du har det generelt fantastisk fint og sjarmerende ! :) Selv har jeg nettopp malt dørkarmene i stua grønn og rosa.. aiaiai ;) Håper du har det bra og at du nyter fridagen i morgen!
    Klem fra Lite hi

  4. I LOVE this idea that you've done with your painting! It's probably exactly what I needed for a certain piece of art we had! I can't wait to try!


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