October 11, 2014


Photo: Ann Sandy 

My contribution to this months NIB challenge, ( Norwegian Interior Challenge - a monthly interior blog-challenge ) , where the theme is - a splash of color in the bedroom. I don`t live my life in black and white, colors is a must! Sadly I cant paint my walls ( rented apartment ) but luckily there are other ways to bring color into my home. These days I`m so in love with the color orange, as a cool splash, a fresh ascent color to all my green/blue/minty interior. These bed-covers are the only good ones I own, so fingers crossed for this months challenge where you can win bed-covers/linen from Høie of Scandinavia!

Bed is homemade / DIY , Flowerpots are thrifted , Tray table / DIY , Bed cover - Funkle
Pillows / H&M Home, Bohus , Lamp / Skog lamp - Magnor

October 01, 2014


My home and interior is always changing. It depends on my mood, my energy, inspiration and new finds. Some time ago I wanted to something cool with this little table. Nothing wrong with it, it was quite ordinary and after a couple of weeks, somewhat dull.

Then when a good neighbor of me gave me this old beautiful brass trey and instantly i knew what to do with it. Fix it up with some good ol` polish, and use that as a top on my little trey-table instead of the old one. With some fresh cool spraypaint ( 5 min of paint work (!) ) it turned into a whole new table!

Photos: Ann Sandy 

On top of it, some of my little collection of glass candle-holders. Picked up for free at my many visits to the recycling-center.

Love it!

September 03, 2014


The first blog gathering this autumn in Oslo is going down, at the recycling center at Colosseum Park tonight. Arranged by NIB and the city of Oslo. The theme is recycling, and all the fun you can get out of it. Recycling is also the theme for this months Nib challenge and it makes me all exited. Looking forward to see the blog community focusing on this theme!

Thrifting / recycling  is a great way to get new stuff and not to forget, get rid of stuff you don't need. This way of thought and living is very close to my heart. I am going to try to inspire with some words around why i find thrifting and recycling so interesting, alongside pictures from my home where this is represented.

Maybe I see you there?