September 03, 2014


The first blog gathering this autumn in Oslo is going down, at the recycling center at Colosseum Park tonight. Arranged by NIB and the city of Oslo. The theme is recycling, and all the fun you can get out of it. Recycling is also the theme for this months Nib challenge and it makes me all exited. Looking forward to see the blog community focusing on this theme!

Thrifting / recycling  is a great way to get new stuff and not to forget, get rid of stuff you don't need. This way of thought and living is very close to my heart. I am going to try to inspire with some words around why i find thrifting and recycling so interesting, alongside pictures from my home where this is represented.

Maybe I see you there?

August 31, 2014


Photos: Ann Sandy

Some moments from our Sunday. We did everything and nothing this morning. Ate picnic in the living room, put up some drawings on the wall, goofed around, took pictures of each other and read books. All before 11 o`clock. Ready for the day to continue.

August 30, 2014


Photo: Ann Sandy

Saturday is here and we are jumping with joy! Nanino wrote her name all by her self, we had a long good blueberry oatmeal porridge - breakfast and today is this autumns first flea marked in the city! 

Wish you the best day.

August 28, 2014


Last week it came to me. I just had to change the color on my wall. The only wall I can change how ever I want it.
The wall that separates my girl`s bedroom and living room / hallway. 

Goodbye Teal and well hello Yellow-i-want-the-summer-to-last-forever-feel :

Some details:

Mini skovby furniture.

Anne Black vase and postcard from Hvidt slips Sort slips.

3 candle holders - free from the recycling senter.

Boblen vase and Kaleido trays.

Vega vase from Magnor and hint of the Dots.
Marble knob from Bolia.

Two layers was all it took. 20 min of painting all together.
So glad I did it. Dared to do it.

Makes me smile every time I pass by.

August 26, 2014


Foto: Ann Sandy

There is something special with a thrift hunt. I get all exited and bubbly. And when I find small treasures like the mini furniture over, I wanna break out in dance and sing! The little wooden furniture is from different trips to Copenhagen, picked up in street markets and various thrift shops. The armchair is this summers latest find there. So cute and well made.